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Injured in a car accident in Colorado? Many times your case is won or lost at the scene

You are injured in a car wreck, and someone else is at fault.  Many things are going through your mind.  How badly am I hurt?  How will I get the car fixed?  Am I going to miss a lot of days at work?  Chances are, filing a personal injury claim is not one of the… Read More »

Colorado Personal Injury Law Tip

If you fall at a store, restaurant or business, there may be a dispute later on about whether you even fell (and if so on what).  File out an incident report and keep a copy.  It is also helpful to take pictures of the condition at the scene!

Colorado Personal Injury Law Tips

In most circumstances, your communications with an attorney are confidential.   The attorney-client privilege exists to protect you, so that you can fully disclose to your lawyer all of the information that may be important to your case.  This includes your communication at your initial intake.  To get the best advice possible, be sure to tell… Read More »

Disability Claim Tips

When you are sick, or injured, it is always important to tell your doctor everything.  This information can be critical in helping you get well but can also be important in how an insurance company evaluates your disability claim.  If you don’t tell your doctors how you are feeling, it may not exist for the… Read More »

Understanding Your Personal Injury Case; The Complaint

In our earlier Blog, we discussed that most cases settle.  Those that don’t go into litigation, which usually starts by you filing a complaint within the statute of limitations.  The statute of limitations varies from case to case, and you should always ask your lawyer what your limitations period (deadline) is. The complaint itself serves… Read More »

Long Term Disability Attorney in Lakewood, Colorado

We have been fighting for the rights of the injured and disabled of Colorado since 1977 (and getting results)!

New laws Take Effect Colorado 2022

New legislation strengthens the rights of sexual assault victims.  The Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act, or Senate Bill 21-88, creates a statutory cause of action for victims of sexual misconduct that occurred when the victim was under the age of 18. The act allows the victim to bring a civil claim against the person who committed the sexual misconduct… Read More »

Emergency Extension of Deadlines in COBRA Benefits

Losing a job is difficult for anyone.  Applying for continued health insurance benefits under COBRA or State law can be complicated (just as with any employment benefits, including short term disability and long term disability benefits).  The insurance companies set up countless deadlines and procedures to trap the unwary.  More and more often, these companies… Read More »

Understanding Your Personal Injury Claim; The Settlement

Statistically, and despite what you often hear, the vast majority of personal injury cases settle rather than going to court.  Settlement is usually the most advantageous resolution for the client for several reasons.  Litigation is time consuming, stressful and very expensive. Unfortunately, settlement does not always mean getting everything that you want.  By definition, a… Read More »

New laws Take Effect in Colorado 2022

Senate Bill 21-017, or the Sexual Contact By An Educator act, states that a teacher who subjects a high school student who is 18 years old or older to “sexual intrusion or sexual penetration” has committed the crime of abuse of public trust, a class 1 misdemeanor, by an educator if the teacher is at least… Read More »