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What are Clients Saying About Us?

“After our accident the insurance company treated my wife and I as though we were at fault. Clearly we were not since the other driver was drunk and speeding. We contacted an attorney and were promised the moon. After months dealing with that attorney I was offered almost nothing.  Then I met Tom Bulger. He told… Read More »

Meet Us; Tom Bulger

Tom Bulger has been with us since 1996 when he moved here from Philadelphia, where he had worked for a large personal injury law firm. He is a graduate of Canisius College (honors in History, and International Affairs) and Rutgers University School of Law (1993). He has worked for a United States District Court Judge… Read More »

What are our Clients’ Saying About Us?

Want to know about a lawyer …. ask his or her former clients! “By the time I reached Tom I had met with and or talked with most of the Attorneys in Denver and Southern Colorado. Most of these individuals were very vague in there explanation of ERISA law and how it impacted my case…. Read More »

Meet Us; Steve Silvern

Steve, the founder of Silvern & Bulger, P.C., won prestigious academic awards in college at Cal-Berkley including Phi Beta Kappa and a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and graduated from UCLA law School where he was named Rosco Pound Advocate in 1972. However, instead of going to work for a large corporate law firm or the government,… Read More »

Not Every Auto Case Is The Same

One of the most important aspects of any car accident injury claim is determining who or what was at fault for the crash. You and your lawyer need to consider all of the possibilities to put together the strongest case possible.  The following are some of the most common factors: Distracted driving: With the widespread… Read More »

What Makes Silvern & Bulger Different?

I have been representing injury victims, and the disabled in Colorado, for over 20 years.  One of the most common questions I get asked is “what makes your firm different then the hundreds of other law firms in Denver, Wheat Ridge and Colorado?” There are many many excellent lawyers in Colorado.  And not every lawyer… Read More »

I Have to Appeal a Denial of an ERISA claim; Do I need a Lawyer?

The short answer …. in most cases, yes. In most cases under the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (ERISA), the Court will decide the case based on the Administrative Record.  The “Record” is made up, in most cases, of the documents and information that you submit during the initial claim, and during the appeal. … Read More »

Another Hard Fought Win under ERISA

Mason v. Reliance Standard (U.S.Dist.Crt. Colo. 2016 and 2017) An ERISA long term disability case, in which we obtained a remand for our client (in a remand, the Court orders to defendant-insurance company to conduct a new analysis, and to correct errors in its analysis).  Our client was suffered from end-stage liver disease and cancer. … Read More »

Fighting the Good Fight … to the End

Litigation can be a long, drawn out process.  Many insurance companies count on being able to wear you (and your attorney) down to force a “cheap settlement.  At Silvern & Bulger we are willing to fight with you as long as we need to.  In a recent ERISA case, we fought with our client for… Read More »


Sometimes courts and lawyers create categories of cases.  Premises liability is used to describe a wide range of cases involving injuries on another person or business’ property. The most common of these cases involve commercial properties.  Commercial property owners are required to provide a reasonably safe environment for customers to traverse. Residential property owners are… Read More »