About The Law Firm of Silvern & Bulger, P.C.

Fighting for the Rights of the Injured and Disabled in Colorado since 1977.  Put Our Experience to Work for You.  Call to Set Your Free Consultation Today.

Silvern and Bulger Law Firm Team Thank you for visiting Silvern & Bulger, P.C., and taking the time to learn more about our firm. Silvern & Bulger, P.C., is the Colorado personal injury and disability law firm with a track record! For the past 30 years, our lawyers have fought hard to help the injured and disabled workers of Colorado and their families. We have established a record of significant courtroom victories, as well as thousands of quite pre-litigation settlements. Put that experience to work for you!

First established in 1977 as the Silvern Legal Clinic, Silvern & Bulger, P.C., has successfully prosecuted thousands of claims for Personal Injuries – Disability and -– Other Insurance benefits based on a simple philosophy: Combine the service and personal attention of a small firm with “Big Firm” results. To view some of our successes, and to learn more about our Courtroom results, click here. To learn more about our approach, and our philosophy, on personal injury and disability claims, click here.

We also believe in giving back to our community.  Over the past several years we have been proud to support several local schools (including as a proud supporter of Highline Academy Charter School) and charities, as well as the arts (like the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts)  and other community programs.  To learn more about our community involvement follow us on Facebook.

If you have suffered a personal injury, or are having trouble collecting public or private disability, or other insurance benefits, call 303-292-0044 or contact our law firm online to meet with an experienced attorney. Unlike many law firms who can only provide some of the assistance a seriously injured worker may need, we can help you obtain much needed medical, disability and other benefits in addition to helping you with your personal injury claim.

Each lawyer at Silvern & Bulger, P.C., has a passion for the law, for fighting for the rights of our clients. They also bring a special talent to our firm. Our lawyers have experience prosecuting many large and small cases to trial, frequently attaining successful verdicts.  At Silvern & Bulger, P.C., we believe any lawyer can settle a good case for something. The true test of a firm is its willingness to fight on difficult cases as well. Further, our trial successes enable us to accomplish good settlements, not just any settlements. We can help answer your questions on personal injury, wrongful death, insurance bad faith, workers’ compensation and social security disability.  We are highly rated by our former clients, and by other attorneys.

Attorneys at our firm have diverse backgrounds. Attorney Tom Bulger heads our litigation, trial and disability team. He worked for a large litigation law firm back east for several years, after clerking for a U.S. District Judge and the United States Attorney’s Organized Crime Division while still in law school. Check out a few of Tom’s (and his partners’) many courtroom successes on News Clippings and Published Cases pages.

Silvern & Bulger P.C. founder, Steve Silvern, won prestigious academic awards in college and the Roscoe Award from UCLA Law School, but was determined to help accident victims because his wife was badly injured by a negligent driver. He founded this firm as the Silvern Legal Clinic in 1977.

If an insurance company has denied you needed benefits, put our experienced team to work.  Many insurance benefits are provided through our employers.  In most instances, those benefit claims fall under a Federal statute called the Employee Retirement & Income Security Act of 1974 (or ERISA).  We are one of a small group of lawyers willing to take on this complicated legislation, and to fight for the benefits you are entitled to.  We can help you explore all of your options, including if your claim falls outside the Federal Act.  Visit our ERISA and Disability page for more information.

If someone else’s careless, caused you a head trauma, brain damage, spinal injury such as a ruptured or herniated disk, soft tissue injury, whiplash reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) also known as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), broken bones, or any other type of serious personal injury or disability, you may contact an our firm today.

If your injury or medical condition prevents you from working, and your employer or disability insurer refuses to pay your much needed long or short-term disability benefits, please set an appointment with an experienced disability advocate.

At Silvern & Bulger, P.C., we have spent years focusing on our practice areas to provide our clients with the best representation possible.   We do not handle every type of case, but hope we can be of assistance to all those in the community that need legal assistance.  Visit our Legal Resources page for other legal and government organizations that may be able to provide the assistance you need.