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Read our latest review!

The best measure of a law firm, and the service it provides, is what former clients are saying.  We are proud of our 5 star rating, and the over 50 Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for all of the amazing men and women of Colorado that we have had the chance to serve over the past 40 years! Read More

Our Client's on Facebook

From KH., on Facebook: "Tom Bulger is a strong advocate for his clients and puts their needs first. He takes the time to listen and is empathetic, understanding and diligent. He Read More

Finding an ERISA Lawyer; Should I Hire a National Firm?

Finding the right lawyer for you is a personal decision.  There are many large national firms that advertise that they handle ERISA (disability, medical) claims no matter what state you Read More

UM-UIM Insurance

You are in a wreck, you are hurt, and you find out the at-fault driver does not have any car insurance!  What do you do next? When a person is injured Read More

Gap Insurance; the Insurance No One Thinks About

Our firm has made it part of our mission to help inform our clients and the community about was to better protect themselves.  While we can help you and your Read More

Colorado Courts in the News

"A church leader from Colorado Springs has filed a lawsuit against two church members for their allegedly "defamatory" social media posts. According to the pastor, two former parishioners of the Read More

Read our latest online review from Facebook

From EA., a recent client on Facebook: "No other attorney would take my case but Tom Bulger did and we won! Unfortunately when you think of lawyers you think they are Read More

Is My Settlement Final?

We get asked this question a lot.  And usually, the answer is yes.  A settlement agreement in a personal injury case is a contract that can be enforced by the Read More

A Word About Blogs

Many lawyers feel it is there duty to help inform the public about the law, and to help keep people advised about the law (our firm included!). It is important to Read More

Serving the North Metro Community with Pride

At Silvern and Bulger, PC, we are proud to be part of the North Metro community.  If you need a lawyer to help fight an insurance company for the benefits Read More

Don't Forget; Open Enrollment for Health Insurance is Underway!

In this busy time of year, it is easy to forget.  But Open Enrollment is underway!;vGelPE3UjenQQHswtz5SyAtxKlwB4H73AEXPoFBIAAEzrH91mnc;O4YwPch1XEThOdq3l4am7yKySHXQDg;&msclkid=3ebe0a3ab93e1ab7be50558940d61eda&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NonACA%20Health%20Insurance&utm_term=medical%20insurance&utm_content=%7BCO%7D%20Insurance%20Medical%20-%20None%20(GEO)%20%5BBR%5D   Read More

If I have health insurance, why do I need med-pay?

We are often asked questions about what insurance someone should buy.  One of the most common questions is why pay extra for med-pay on my car, when I already pay Read More

Driving under the influence and car accidents

According to recent reports (see below) there has been an alarming increase in DUI and other alcohol related driving incidents.  Distracted driving ....  whether it is from alcohol, drugs, a Read More

COVID-19 Safety Percautions

As we enter the winter months, we are seeing a spike in cases around the country (and in Colorado).  If you need to consult with a lawyer, we can help Read More

Viewing 121 - 135 out of 277 posts


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