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Car Wreck Tips

If you are involved in an accident in which people have been injured, do not move or attempt to treat any of the injured. Without medical training, you could do Read More

Injured in a car accident in Colorado? Many times your case is won or lost at the scene

You are injured in a car wreck, and someone else is at fault.  Many things are going through your mind.  How badly am I hurt?  How will I get the Read More

Colorado Personal Injury Law Tip

Every type of personal injury claim in Colorado has a different limitations period that applies.  In some cases, including cases involving the government, the deadlines may be very short!   Consult Read More

Car Wreck Tips

When you speak with the paramedics at the scene, or a doctor after the accident, do not leave out any information. Even is something just does not “feel right”, you Read More

Health Insurance v. Med-pay

We are often asked questions about what insurance someone should buy.  One of the most common questions is why pay extra for med-pay on my car, when I already pay Read More

Can my car insurance be cancelled for filing a UM claim?

In most cases?  NO. Insurers are prohibited from raising a policyholder’s rates or canceling coverage in response to a claim for UM/UIM benefits, or from canceling your policy. If an insurer Read More

Punitive and Other Damage Caps in Colorado

Many people do not know that the amount of damages they can recover are "capped" by law.  The caps that apply are very case specific, and depend on the type Read More

Have you considered Med-pay coverage for your car?

Several of our posts have addressed different types of insurance coverage that you may want to consider purchasing for your own protection.  Medical payment coverage (also called “med-pay”) may be an Read More

Damage Limits in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

Many people do not know that the amount of damages they can recover are "capped" by law.  The caps that apply are very case specific, and depend on the type Read More

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

You are in a wreck, you are hurt, and you find out the at-fault driver does not have any car insurance!  What do you do next?  If you are injured by Read More

Comprehensive, Collision and Gap Insurance

Our firm has made it part of our mission to help inform our clients and the community about was to better protect themselves.  While we can help you and your Read More

Looking for a lawyer? What to look for and where to start

In many ways, the best way to get a sense of weather a lawyer is right for you, is a very personal question.  Not every lawyer (even a good lawyer) Read More

Colorado Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Did you know that there is a minimum mandatory amount of car insurance coverage in Colorado? As of the end of 2020, Colorado law requires drivers to carry: $25,000 per person Read More

Statute of Limitations and car accidents

Is there a deadline to file a lawsuit for a car accident?  YES!  Most civil cases have a statute of limitations that applies;  that is a law that puts a Read More

Proudly Serving Lakewood and Arvada

At Silvern and Bulger, PC, we are proud to be part of the North Metro community.  If you need a lawyer to help fight an insurance company for the benefits Read More

Viewing 1 - 15 out of 48 posts