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Read our latest review!

Here is what our clients’ are saying about us: “I worked with Tom Bugler in 2015 and was very pleased with his service, knowledge and reasonable rates. I recently ( 2019) I had a legal issue pop up and had to find counsel with in 6 business days. I called his office and they not… Read More »

Statute of Limitations and car accidents

Is there a deadline to file a lawsuit for a car accident?  YES!  Most civil cases have a statute of limitations that applies;  that is a law that puts a time limit on your right to have a lawsuit heard in a state’s civil court system. Specific time limits vary depending on the kind of… Read More »

Facebook Reviews

Here is what just one client has said about us on Facebook: My case was very complicated and took a few years. I had a major head injury and my body was healing too from a fusion in my neck to legs buckling without warning. I really appreciate the patience and understanding that this law… Read More »

ERISA and the Statute of Limitations

At Silvern & Bulger, PC we have been handling ERISA disability claims for many years.  These claims can be very complex, and there are many “traps” to watch out for. One relatively new trend is for the insurance company to include a provision in the policy to shorten the normal statute of limitations that would… Read More »


One of the questions we are asking most frequently is why long term disability insurance companies are allowed to offset and take a credit for SSDI benefits.  The short answer?  Because the insurance policy says they can, and the law permits it.  The next question we are asked?  Does the insurance company waive that offset… Read More »

Read our 5 Star Reviews on Google

Want to know about our firm?  Ask our clients: I worked with Bulger and he was great at explaining everything and walking me through every step of my case. It was easy to get updates by phone or email and send information via email. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney for my case. … Read More »

COVID and Our Law Firm

As we enter the winter months, we are seeing a spike in cases around the country (and in Colorado).  If you need to consult with a lawyer, we can help you do so as safely as possible.  While we can still accommodate in-person meetings with new clients, we can also offer many safe alternatives including… Read More »

So I filed a lawsuit … What next?

The litigation process has several stages. The first is the “pleading” stage.  This starts when you initiate the lawsuit by filing a Complaint, and ends when the defendant files an Answer (or Motion to Dismiss).  This phase frames the basic issues in the case.  The Complaint sets out the claims for relief …  the Answer… Read More »

Happy New Year to the Arvada Community

At Silvern & Bulger, PC, we are wishing all of our friends, family and clients a peaceful and safe 2021!

Happy New Year to the Denver Metro Community

We wish you all a safe and happy 2021!