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Avoiding Distracted Driving

We have been handling car accident cases throughout Colorado, including in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Aurora and the metro Denver area, since 1977.  We have seen car accidents caused by hundreds Read More

What Types of Medical Conditions Qualify for Long Term Disability Benefits?

With most ERISA and private Long Term Disability policies, there is no "magic list" of disabling conditions.  Most claims are decided based on your individual medical records and other evidence.  Read More

Attorney Fees and ERISA (Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Medical Benefits)

In most cases, Courts follow the so-called “American Rule,” which provides that each party generally pays its own attorneys’ fees and costs.  However, the Court may not apply that rule Read More

Health Insurance Premium Update

Important news on health insurance premiums, with a rate cut expected for 2020 for many Colorado insureds.  For the full story, click here.   Read More

Snow hits the Denver Metro - Drive Safe!

As snow moves into the Denver metro area for the first time this winter, just a reminder to drive careful! Read More

Why is Long Term Disability Insurance Important?

As a lawyer who handles short term disability, long term disability, ERISA disability and other disability related cases, I am often asked:  "Why should I pay for long term disability Read More

Wait List for services for the disabled hits all time high

According to the Denver Post, many of the most vulnerable and in need citizens in Colorado are having to wait months for much needed care and services.  To learn more Read More

Employee Benefit Claims

For many of us, our employee benefits are as important as our salary. Our benefits can include medical, dental, life, accident, long term disability and short term disability benefits.  When Read More

Short Term Disability

There are many types of short term disability policies.  The type of policy you have depends on how you obtained the insurance, and from whom. Read More

Traffic Conditions Denver

Be careful out there!  For current traffic conditions click here. Read More

Traffic Conditions Arvada

Be careful out there!  Check the current traffic conditions here.   Read More

Traffic Conditions in Lakewood

Be careful out there!  Check the current conditions here.   Read More

Should I buy Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability Insurance?

I am often asked this question;  is short term disability or long term disability insurance worth it?  Although many of these claims do end up being challenged by the insurance Read More

See What Our Clients are Saying About Us

From LV, a recent car accident victim: "This was my first time in need of an attorney. The staff was helpful, informative throughout the legal process and straight forward. I would Read More

See What Our Clients' Are Saying About Silvern & Bulger, PC

From CH, a recent client with a car accident case: "This firm is definitely the one you need to hire. Tom, Theresa, Lori, everybody is awesome!! Tom is always available when Read More

Viewing 196 - 210 out of 277 posts