As a lawyer who handles short term disability, long term disability, ERISA disability and other disability related cases, I am often asked:  "Why should I pay for long term disability insurance?"  "Why do I need it ….  nothing is going to happen to me?", or more often "Why pay for insurance, they won't pay anyway?"

These are all valid questions.

But, after having seen first hand (for over 20 years) how a sudden and unexpected illness or injury can strike anyone, my answer is usual "yes, it is worth it."  For a good take on the issue NPR Radio, click here.

But, often even valid disability claims are denied.  If your short term disability, long term disability or other disability insurance claim is denied, you need help right away!  To speak with an experience short term disability, long term disability and ERISA disability lawyer, call us today at 303-292-0044.  Free consultations, and contingent fees available on most cases.