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COVID and disability benefits

If you, are a loved one, are fighting with long term symptoms of COVID and are having problems getting needed short or long tern disability benefits, call us today.  This is a new area of the law, and you need experienced aggressive representation today! https://news.wttw.com/2021/04/26/what-point-does-covid-19-infection-become-disability

COVID and the ADA

An informative article  https://www.eeoc.gov/wysk/what-you-should-know-about-covid-19-and-ada-rehabilitation-act-and-other-eeo-laws

COVID “long haulers” and SSDI, SSI and Disability

An informative article https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/02/22/966291447/when-does-covid-19-become-a-disability-long-haulers-push-for-answers-and-benefit

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Want to know about a lawyer? Ask his clients

Looking for a lawyer? What to look for and where to start

In many ways, the best way to get a sense of weather a lawyer is right for you, is a very personal question.  Not every lawyer (even a good lawyer) is right for every client.  But where to satart?  The best place ….  see what their former clients have to say.  We are very proud… Read More »

Med-pay Coverage

Several of our posts have addressed different types of insurance coverage that you may want to consider purchasing for your own protection.  Medical payment coverage (also called “med-pay”) may be an important coverage to consider.  This type of coverage, that you buy from your own auto insurance carrier, provides coverage for all reasonable medical expenses that… Read More »

Fighting the Good Fight … to the End

Litigation can be a long, drawn out process.  Many insurance companies count on being able to wear you (and your attorney) down to force a “cheap settlement.  At Silvern & Bulger we are willing to fight with you as long as we need to.  In a recent ERISA case, we fought with our client for… Read More »