In most cases?  NO.

Insurers are prohibited from raising a policyholder’s rates or canceling coverage in response to a claim for UM/UIM benefits, or from canceling your policy. If an insurer fails to abide by these rules and unfairly denies a claim, unreasonably delays making a decision, or increases premiums after paying out a UM/UIM claim, the policyholder who was wrongly denied can file a claim of bad faith insurance practices against the insurer in court for damages.

These protections are vital, because this is a very important insurance coverage.  You are in a wreck, you are hurt, and you find out the at-fault driver does not have any car insurance!  What do you do next?  If you are injured by a driver with no insurance, or who does not have enough insurance, it is important to talk to a lawyer today!

When a person is injured in an accident caused by another uninsured driver, there MAY be options.  You need to find out right away if you purchased  a UM/UIM policy (uninsured Motorist, or Underinsured Motorist).  If so, the policy you bought from your won insurance company will step into the shoes of the at-fault driver to cover damages.  This is also true in situations where the at-fault party does have insurance, but his or her policy limits do not cover the extent of the injured person’s expenses. There, the UM/UIM coverage will cover the difference between the policy’s limit of liability coverage and the amount of damages sustained.

These policies can also cover pedestrians and cyclists who are injured in a collision with a motorist.