"By the time I reached Tom I had met with and or talked with most of the Attorneys in Denver and Southern Colorado. Most of these individuals were very vague in there explanation of ERISA law and how it impacted my case. Some even went so far as to say I did not even have a case. Most of these "Legal Councilors" however were very clear on just how much money I need to put up front before they would help me. What a breath of fresh air Tom was. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about ERISA law, but he was motivated by more than money. He actually wanted to help me understand my legal rights and to navigate this very trick area of the law. Just when I was ready to give up on my case he helped me through the difficult process with compassion and encouragement. Did I also mention that we were successful in favorably settling my case with the insurance company! I cannot recommend highly enough Tom and his team, they are simply the best." - S.N., former disability client