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Wait List for services for the disabled hits all time high

According to the Denver Post, many of the most vulnerable and in need citizens in Colorado are having to wait months for much needed care and services.  To learn more about this terrible situation, click here. While we may not be able to solve every problem, or force the government to move faster, we may… Read More »

Employee Benefit Claims

For many of us, our employee benefits are as important as our salary. Our benefits can include medical, dental, life, accident, long term disability and short term disability benefits.  When those benefits are taken away, or if the employer or insurance company does not live up to their promises, it is important to get help… Read More »

If you work for the State of Colorado, know your disability benefit options

Unlike most employee benefits, state workers are not governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.  You have different options available to you.  For more information about the State of Colorado disability programs, click here.

US District Court for Colorado Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits in a Brain Injury Case

In one of our more recent ERISA cases, we helped a client overturn the denial of her Long Term Disability benefits under ERISA.  To learn more about the case, which involved a former attorney who had suffered a serious brain injury, click here.

ERISA NEWS; Department of Labor Strengthens Retirement Benefit Law

The US Depart of Labor has announced important changes to the law designed to strengthen employee rights to their retirement benefits.  Read more here …  

ERISA NEWS; Circuit Court Adresses Failure of ERISA Plan Administrator to Disclose Plan Documents

In Odle vs. UMWA 1974 Pension Plan, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit reversed a district court’s decision on summary judgment in favor of a pension plan’s fiduciaries (in this case, the board of trustees for a coal industry multiemployer fund).  The case involved a dispute over an employee’s service credit.  The plan… Read More »

US District Court Overturns Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits

In a published decision by the US District Court for Colorado, we helped our client (“ML”) overturn the termination of her Long Term Disability benefits which she had been receiving for over 20 years.  Among the arguments we made, was the “new” argument that the Court should consider the amount of time LM had been… Read More »

The New Battle: ERISA Venue Provisions

In their never-ending search for advantage, many employers and insurance companies are now adding venue provisions to their group policies.  In short, these provisions require the insured-employee to litigate their claims thousands of miles from where they work and live, which often increases the cost of the litigation dramatically.  Before you “give in” to one… Read More »

What are clients saying about us?

 A recent review from our Facebook page ……  Chana Guy reviewed Silvern & Bulger, P.C., Attorneys & Counselors at Law — 5 star Yesterday at 11:20am · Tom Bulger is the best! His fees are so reasonable and he explains them right up front. No confusing contracts. Tom is responsive to his clients needs and… Read More »

What ppeople are saying about Silvern & Bulger, PC

Michael Sanchez writes, on · January 10, 2018: I was denied long term disability due to my employer submitted a wrong job description which caused my claim among a list of other non-factual false statements to the insurance carrier denying my LTD benefits. I lost my job, health care, and retirement. I took all my documents… Read More »