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Disability Claim Tips

When you are sick, or injured, it is always important to tell your doctor everything.  This information can be critical in helping you get well but can also be important in how an insurance company evaluates your disability claim.  If you don’t tell your doctors how you are feeling, it may not exist for the… Read More »

Long Term Disability Attorney in Lakewood, Colorado

We have been fighting for the rights of the injured and disabled of Colorado since 1977 (and getting results)!

Emergency Extension of Deadlines in COBRA Benefits

Losing a job is difficult for anyone.  Applying for continued health insurance benefits under COBRA or State law can be complicated (just as with any employment benefits, including short term disability and long term disability benefits).  The insurance companies set up countless deadlines and procedures to trap the unwary.  More and more often, these companies… Read More »

New Laws Take Effect Colorado 2022

House Bill 21-1323 creates a license plate for Special Olympics Colorado for people who make a donation to a qualified Colorado-based nonprofit that provides athletic training to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The Special Olympics License Plate legislation appropriates $13,460 to the DMV to implement the act for the 2021-2022 state fiscal year.

New Laws Take Effect in Colorado in 2022

Senate Bill 21-129 requires the state department of human services to establish a Veteran Suicide Prevention Pilot Program. The goal of this program is provide “no-cost, stigma-free, confidential, and effective behavioral health treatment” to reduce the suicide rate and suicidal ideation among veterans.

Proud to be a BBB Accredited Business

Silvern & Bulger, PC is proud to announce that we are again a BBB Accredited business with an A-plud rating!

What is your ERISA lawyer charging you?

When you are hiring a lawyer to assist you in your ERISA disability case, make sure you fully understand the contract (and make sure you ask the right questions).  Always ask if there is a fee against your future benefit award?  Some law firms will charge you 25, 33 or even 40% of your benefits… Read More »

ERISA Deadlines in Long Term Disability Cases

Applying for long term disability benefits can be a challenge.  The insurance companies set up countless deadlines and procedures to trap the unwary.  More and more often, these companies are denying claims and appeals, arguing that the disabled employee has missed one of those deadlines.    What these insurance companies are not telling people is… Read More »

Local v. National Law Firm in ERISA Cases

Finding the right lawyer for you is a personal decision.  There are many large national firms that advertise that they handle ERISA (disability, medical) claims no matter what state you are in.  For some, that is a good choice. Many of our clients prefer a local attorney.  We have been practicing in the Denver Metro… Read More »

ERISA STD and LTD; The Basics

Disability policies normally fall into 2 categories;  LTD and STD.  What is STD, LTD and what is the difference?  In the law, lawyers and courts often use short hand.  For example, we often refer to ERISA (instead of the full name of the law, which is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974).  STD… Read More »