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Want to know about a lawyer? Ask his clients

Looking for a lawyer? What to look for and where to start

In many ways, the best way to get a sense of weather a lawyer is right for you, is a very personal question.  Not every lawyer (even a good lawyer) is right for every client.  But where to satart?  The best place ….  see what their former clients have to say.  We are very proud… Read More »

Colorado workers can still be fired for (legal) pot use

Did you know that in Colorado, despite the legalization of marijuana, employers can still fire you for pot use?  While legislation is pending to address this issue, it is important for those using marijuana for pain relief (or recreational use) to understand there are still legal ramifications.  For an insightful article, click here.

Colorado debates expanded protections for pot use

In our practice, many clients turn to legal marijuana for pain relief as a substitute for dangerous narcotics and opioids.  Colorado is currently debating additional protections for workers who use medical or recreational marijuana in their off duty hours.  For more on this story, click here.

New Colorado law takes effect on transgender ID

A transgender or non-binary person in Colorado can now access any state identity document—a birth certificate, a driver’s license, a state ID without a cumbersome process, like needing a surgery, a court order, or a doctor’s note,under a new law which takes effect in January, 2020.  For more, click here.  

New Laws taking effect in Colorado in 2020

There are several new laws taking effect in Colorado this year.  For a good summary, click here.  

Worker’s Rights Update; Colorado debates protections for marijuana use

House Rep. Jovan Melton, D-Aurora, has introduced a bill to prevent businesses from firing employees for partaking in legal activities on their own time — even if the activities are only legal under state and not federal law. The law is intended, in part, to protect workers who use marijuana (legally under Colorado law) in… Read More »