Michael Sanchez writes, on · January 10, 2018:

I was denied long term disability due to my employer submitted a wrong job description which caused my claim among a list of other non-factual false statements to the insurance carrier denying my LTD benefits.

I lost my job, health care, and retirement. I took all my documents to Tom Bulger, he took my case and within a short period of time, got the decision overturned and I got my LTD benefits! Tom also got my insurance, retirement reinstated from my employer, so now I can finally get my fusion done on my lower back. Tom is the most friendly and professional Attorney I have ever met! This Man cars about people, which is rare nowadays. He always keeps me in the loop with a detailed letters with anything involving my case.

Tom has saved me in a time when I thought no one would help me! Tom and his staff are the best I have dealt with! I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me, and continues too do for me! I highly recommend Silvern & Bulger for any of your legal issues. From my experience, and searching for representation, Tom was the only one who took my case, and got me fast results! I am grateful for everything this Law Firm has and continues to do for me!