One of the most difficult parts of a case (for the client) is discovery.  Discovery is the generic name for the fact-finding tools that are used in a lawsuit to help all of the parties prepare for trial.

There are generally 3 types of discovery.

Interrogatories.  These are written questions that you have to answer, under oath, about your background, the facts of the case and your damages.

Requests for Production.  Again, these are written requests served on your attorney that can be used to obtain documents, like medical and employment records, photos, and even copies of social media accounts.

Depositions.  In a deposition, your lawyer can no longer assist you in drafting a response in writing.  Instead, the other lawyer will be able to ask you questions verbally, and you must respond verbally, under oath.

Again, there can be penalties for incomplete or false answers, so it is important to work with your attorney to make sure you are prepared and give the best responses possible.