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What are our clients saying about us?

Tom Bulger is a strong advocate for his clients and puts their needs first. He takes the time to listen and is empathetic, understanding and diligent. He does what's right to best serve his clients in an ethical manner. Tom's experience and knowledge were valuable over the course of my case. Tom and his staff were always sensitive and caring, answering my questions & providing guidance. KH.

Tom Bulger represented my daughter and we were so pleased with the results. He has integrity and really knows his stuff. Kind. Respectful. Thank you.  JA.

When my car accident happened I did not expect to end up with permanent bodily injuries. To make matters worse, I had to sue my own insurance company because the person who hit me never stopped. I was naive and thought my own insurance company would take care of me. WRONG!
A friend of mine who is an attorney but lives in another state was trying to help me settle my case, but my insurance company caught onto the fact that he was not licensed in Colorado and purposely dragged the case out as long as they could. When my friend realized that my case needed to go to trial he looked up highly rated personal injury attorneys to refer me to – Tom Bulger was one of those attorneys. In fact, Tom was the first attorney I called and met with off of that list. After meeting with Tom I did not feel the need to speak with any of the other attorneys on the list and decided to hire him on the spot.
Tom is not your stereotypical attorney who has a chip on his/her shoulder. He made me feel welcome, comfortable and was not intimidating. He is extremely knowledgeable in area of practice. I really appreciated the fact that he never sugar coated anything and was always up front with both the pros and the cons regarding my case. Tom also made sure to explain things to me in layman terms. If I did not understand how he explained something the first time, he would explain it to me in a different way. I was very pleasantly surprised that Tom ended up being so compassionate and understanding. To have a personal injury attorney that actually cares more about his clients than the paycheck is so rare. Tom is that one attorney myths are about. He is a needle in a haystack because attorney’s that possess his kind of character simply do not exist. Tom helped me settle my car accident case that had been dragging on for over 4 years. Once I hired Tom we were able to settle my case within a year. I don’t know what I would have done without his help and understanding along the way. If I am ever in another accident, Tom will be the first call I make. If you want a knowledgeable, honest and compassionate attorney who gets results then you need to hire Tom. MM.