Many people do not know that the amount of damages they can recover are "capped" by law.  The caps that apply are very case specific, and depend on the type of injury you suffered.

In 2020, the Colorado legislature increased statutory damage limitations under 3 important statutes;   C.R.S. §§ 44-3-801 (Dram Shop Act), 13-21-102.5 (noneconomic losses), and 13-21-203.7 (wrongful death).

The cap on total liability for claims against vendors of alcoholic beverages was increased from $280,810 to $368,260.

The cap on noneconomic damages in civil actions other than medical malpractice claims increased from $468,010 to $613,760. In some cases, the court may allow noneconomic damages of up to $1,227,530 (increased from $936,030).  However, a heightened standard of proof is required before the Court will apply the higher limit.

The cap on noneconomic damages under Colorado’s Wrongful Death Act increased from $436,070 to $571,870. For claimants who are able to and elect to sue for and recover a solatium under Colorado’s Wrongful Death Act, the solatium increased from $87,210 to $114,370.

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