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ADR and Colorado

One of the most sweeping trends over the past several years in Colorado personal injury litigation is the increase in mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution Orders (ADR).  Many Courts in Colorado, as a matter of routine, require civil cases to go through ADR before trial.  That means if you have lawsuit because of a car accident, fall or other personal injury case, the Court can require you to participate in the ADR process.  So what is it?

For the most part, ADR is a good thing.  Typically the parties agree on a neutral mediator to hold a settlement conference, and to try and help the parties reach an agreement.  Obviously, and in many cases, this is very helpful Mediators are often retired judges who bring years of experience to the table, and can be a great resource.

Our firm has participated in thousands of ADRs and mediations, with great results.  However, we also believe in doing things the "old fashioned way" and trying to negotiate with the other side without the time (and expense) of a formal ADR.

Whether it is at an ADR, or in direct negotiations with the insurance company, we can help with our years of negotiating settlements. Call today for a free consultation at 303-292-0044!