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We are proud to be verified and featured on Lawyer.com.   PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS:  We handle most injury related matters including: Auto & Car Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents Drunk Drivers (DUI & DWI) Hit & Run/Uninsured Drivers Underinsured Drivers Truck Accidents Wrongful Death & Catastrophic Injuries Premises Liability – Falling Merchandise Defective Products Toxic… Read More »

Do published cases matter?

Yes and no.  Most published cases involve complex legal issues, or involve appeals to the Colorado Court of Appeals,  Not every personal injury Lawyer (even very good ones) take on that type of case.  We are proud of this type of work, and here is just a small sample: Precedents and Significant Cases   Judges… Read More »

A little “history” from our firm

“When popcorn is outlawed, only outlaws will have popcorn,” For a little bit of from history, take a look at the attached article.  Standing up for the “little guy” since 1977! popcorn_article_2

I was in a car wreck! What next?

Motor vehicle accidents can cause substantial physical damage, and they’re often the result of someone’s negligence or irresponsible actions. If you’re dealing with injuries in the aftermath of a car crash, speak with an experienced lawyer at Silvern & Bulger, P.C. located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, our attorneys have been serving injured Coloradans since 1977. We represent… Read More »

Do I have to report a car accident in Colorado?

In most cases, yes. A driver’s duties after a Colorado car accident are set out in Colorado Revised Statutes Title 42, Article 4, Part 16.  Colorado Revised Statutes section 42-4-1606 says that  a driver who is involved in a traffic accident must report the crash if it resulted in: injury or death of any person, or… Read More »

Can I get out of my settlement agreement?

We get asked this question a lot.  And usually, the answer is no.  A settlement agreement in a personal injury case is a contract that can be enforced by the Court.  In some cases, even a verbal settlement is binding!  The time to talk to a lawyer is BEFORE you accept the insurance company’s offer. … Read More »

Are truck accidents different then “regular” car accidents?

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be incredibly dangerous, as the large size of these vehicles tends to cause significant injuries and property damage for other motorists on Colorado’s roads and highways. If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident and need to take legal action, turn to the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Silvern &… Read More »

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Why do you handle personal injury AND ERISA cases?

We are often asked asked this question, because most firms do one or the other.  We believe that by handling both types of cases, we can provide more complete representation for our clients. We handle most personal injury cases, including car, truck and motorcycle accidents, auto – bicycle-pedestrian accidents, hit-and-run or accidents with uninsured drivers,… Read More »


Did you know that the deadlines for filing for certain medical and disability benefits, and appealing denied claims, has been extended by the US Department of Labor during the COVID-19 pandemic? If your claim was denied as “too late”, talk to an experienced ERISA lawyer right away.  DOL emergency regulations that have tolled (suspended) all… Read More »