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Handling Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Since 1977

Our firm has been assisting clients injured by careless (negligent) drivers since 1977. Whether you were injured while a pedestrian, a driver, a passenger or on your motorcycle or bicycle, you need experienced representation. These cases can involve special circumstances, laws, and techniques which are different than “regular” auto cases. We have experience, including at trial, representing victims of motorcycle accidents.

Our firm provides a personal approach to every case. Our attorneys personally meet with their clients. We work hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve. If you have been in a traffic accident we urge you to compare our firms’ accomplishments with those of our competitors. Please click on our News Clippings and Published Cases pages.  Our significant trial experience can be of essential aid to you in your traffic accident personal injury case.

The “value” of your accident or personal injury claim is determined by what a jury is likely to award if you went to trial.  In order to win, we must prove all three “elements” of the claim. For auto accidents, the elements we must prove are:

  1. The defendant was negligent. “Negligent” basically means careless.
  2. You sustained injury or damage.
  3. The defendants’ negligence was a cause of your injuries and damages.

Be sure to check our BLOG entry for May 12, 2015, for a free Auto Accident checklist!  To learn more about our results in handling motorcycle accidents, check out the verdict in the Taylor case ….


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