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The vast majority of employee benefits, including long term disability, short term disability and medical benefits, are governed by ERISA.  Surprisingly, there are relatively few insurance companies and related companies that insurer these claims (and we have worked with, and stood up against, the vast majority of them!).  This includes:


The Hartford

Reliance Standard



Sedgewick CMS


Berkshire Life Insurance

Liberty Mutual


and many, many more!

Perhaps more importantly, we know and can work with the lawyers that represent these insurance companies.

ERISA is a complex piece of Federal legislation that covers most employee benefit plans and how employers and their contractors (usually an insurance company) deliver those benefits to employees. For most Coloradans, their insurance benefits (life, medical, disability, vision, dental) are earned through our employment. In most cases, these benefits fall under the ERISA statute.

Do you really need an ERISA lawyer?  In many cases you do.  In many cases, having representation early in the claim process can be the difference between winning and losing because ERISA dramatically alters your common law rights.  Most of these claims (including Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, and medical and other benefits have very short deadlines.  If you do not know and protect your rights early, you may lose your ability to effectively protect your claim.  Click here for more information about ERISA, and our ERISA Disability and benefit claim practice, and how ERISA may affect your rights.

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    Currently Denied short term disability for depression despite providing all written information from Kaiser and even with a “Supervisor” from Sedgwick (866-276-2278) Scott Lofton speaking directly with my treating physician still denying it. Legally recorded a conversation with this supervisor which he states only option is to provide additional medical information (of which there is none) or to appeal. Examiner is currently Julian Janes, formerly Rebecca Molecai and prior to her Liz Danley, of which None of them has spoken to me. This disability started April 20, 2016 and continues through now.

    Hundreds if not thousands have gone through and are undergoing this discrimination and harrassment by this company SedgwickCMS.

    Good morning – I apologize for the delay (the alert I normally receive did not come through). I would be happy to speak with you if you would like, at 303-292-0044,
    Tom Bulger